[French] - My journey of studying French begin

Yesterday I joined my first French class in Canada. The language is so strange with a ton of new vocabulary. I guess this is the same with any new language you learn.

I found an extension for Netflix: Language learning with Netflix. The extension display 2 lines of the subtitle in different languages. The main language has highlight new words and a mini dictionary with pronunciation too. And to my surprise, the extension can lower the play speed (or faster if you want to).


I found some cartoon to study with, and these are the French words I learned yesterday:

  • anniversaire [anivɛʀsɛʀ]: birthday, anniversary
  • s’il vous plaît: please
  • salut: hello
  • bonjour [bɔ̃ʒuʀ]: good morning
  • bonsoir [bɔ̃swaʀ]: good evening
  • au revoir: goodbye

Watching the show, I remember when my home got the first cable TV service. I watched Cartoon Network (no subtitle at that time) and didn’t understand a single word. When I study English, for three months straight, I cannot understand all the grammar, vocabulary, etc. After that, I started to understand the TO BE verb, but learning a new language is still difficult for me.