Disk Cleanup to Free up disk space in Windows 10

This instruction helps you clean up temporary and unnecessary system files on your Windows to free up space

Step 1: Open disk clean up with Clean up system file enabled

Type Disk Cleanup in the search box on taskbar> click Disk Cleanup in the search result to open it

disk cleanup

Choose C drive (Windows installation drive) > click Ok

c drive

Click Cleanup system files, then select C drive again

system files

c drive again

wait for it a little bit


Step 2: Clean up System Restore and Shadow Copies

This action will delete the Windows.old folder, which is the content of your previous version of Windows. Delete this will not allow you to go back to the previous version.

Only the old System Restore point will be deleted. The most recent one will be kept

Switch to tab More Options > Click Clean up... under System Restore and Shadow Copies

system restore and shadow copies

Then wait for it to finish

Step 3: Clean up Temporary files

Switch back to tab Disk Cleanup > Tick all the boxes > click Ok to start cleaning up

temp files

Click on each line will give you an explanation of each type of content. All the contents listed here can be deleted without any effect on your machine

Step 4: Check for your free space

Search for File Explorer in the search box on taskbar> click File Explorer in the search result

file explorer

Click This PC > under Devices and Drives, all your computer drive will be listed with how much free space available

free space