How do I get +10 reputations on StackOverflow everyday

For a long time, my reputation points on StackOverflow (SO) were just around 200. You get 100 by just registering an account. If your reputation score is high, you can brag about it in your CV, or even better, landing your next dream job. In this blog post, I will tell you the story of how I can get +10 reputations EVERY DAY.

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1. How StackOverflow works

In the majority of developers use SO every day, many register to ask questions. Only a few answer these questions.

For each response marked as “Answered,” a number of reputations were rewarded to the developer who provided the answers. They can also gain points if their answers were “Upvote” by other developers.

upvoted answer

2. How do I get +10 reputation every day

TL;DR: by luck.

2.1. The problem

Not every day exactly. For example, one day I could get +50, while other days I didn’t get any.

One day, while working on one of my projects, I type in commands to push my code to GitHub. Then boom, a wild error appear. The error looks like this:

 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
 ! [rejected]        latest     -> latest  (would clobber existing tag)
   9428765..935da94  master     -> origin/master

A quick search show a StackOverflow question (Yessssss), but no answer yet. Luckily, StackOverflow is not the only place on the Internet answering dev’s questions, including discussion on open source projects, Git documentation.

Half an hour later (okay 1 hour later), I finally know what happened and how can I fix it.

2.2. What’s happened?

Someone on remote delete a tag, then recreate a new tag with the same name. Then when you try to Push or Pull, this error/warning will happened on your local copy.

2.3. Fix and answer the StackOverflow’s question <<– here is my luck

Then, a simple command line fix the problem for me. What’s next? I remembered there is an unanswered StackOverflow question on the exact same error. I add my solution, then left the website.

my solution

My luck with StackOverflow begins from that day. The next time I open SO for my next question, I saw +50 points added to my reputation. My solution was accepted as an answer. The next day, +10 reputation. Someone upvoted my answer, as they saw it helpful for their situation.

reputation change

On that time forward, I have an average of +10 reputation points every single day.

This is my pure luck. Multiple conditions happened:

  • I stumble upon a problem asked on StackOverflow that no one answered.
  • The problem can be fixed by a simple solution.
  • I provided the solution.
  • Later, people have the same problem, and found my answer, and upvote my solution.

3. StackOverflow has memes

Eventually, StackOverflow is not the place for newbie to ask questions.

so memes

and this

so meme 2

That’s it. See you in next post